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I'm Ange Fuller, the travel advisor behind Explore with Ange. That picture? That's me at Reynisfjara in Iceland.

This website is mainly about how I can assist you with your adventures, but here's a bit about me so you know who you're working with. I've been a passionate traveler for over 20 years and a travel advisor since 2016. My adventures range from climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa to learning to make tortillas in Costa Rica to cruising through the Panama Canal. With visits to over 60 countries and plenty of stamps in my passport, I've gathered many insider tips that I'm happy to share with travelers working with me.

Fun facts: I have two adorable cats, Pecan and Willow. I love being outdoors, particularly near the ocean. Before diving into the travel industry, I was a programmer. I have a minor addiction to iced coffee. My 2024 travel plans include Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, and Portugal.

Ange at Reynisfjara in Iceland
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