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There are several reasons why choosing me as your cruise vacation advisor is a wise decision. My extensive experience, marked by over 30 personal journeys on a variety of cruises including expedition and river cruises, equips me with a deep understanding of the industry. I've received comprehensive training from all the major cruise lines and hold an accreditation as a Master Cruise Counsellor from CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), the global authority in cruise travel.

However, it's not just my expertise that's important, but what it means for you. I possess insider knowledge of the cruise world – from matching the ideal cruise lines with your desired destinations, to identifying the optimal times to sail to various locales. I know what is a genuine promotion instead of a marketing ploy and can guide you to the best value options, including the most strategic cabin selections. My role is to assist you through every step of the cruise process, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling travel experience tailored to your preferences and needs.


Reach out any time for more information.
All pricing current at time of posting. Subject to change at any time.

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