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Five Fun Activities to Do in Bermuda

What comes to mind when you think of Bermuda? The Bermuda Triangle? Amazing beaches? Delicious rum cocktails? The British territory of Bermuda is less than 2km wide and 40km long. With its small size and a population of less than 65,000, you might think there's not much to do here - but you would definitely be wrong. Bermuda has so much to offer, and here's just a few options to consider for your next visit.

1. Explore the Crystal and Fantasy Caves Discovered in the early 1900s when two teens were playing cricket and needed to find a wayward ball, these natural wonders in Bermuda are thought to be millions of years old. The stalagmites and stalactites frame a pool of crystal clear water, and a pontoon bridge lets you explore through the cave system. Be careful not to drop your sunglasses or phone - due to the carefully preserved eco-system, divers rarely enter the water and items cannot be retrieved.

2. Stroll the streets of historic St. George's

St. George's, Bermuda - now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the old continually inhabited British settlement in the new world. Exploring here, you'll find historic sites like forts, the Old State House, and St. Peter's Church. There's also an unfinished gothic church in St. George's, a must-see for photographers. St. George's is easily walkable and easily accessible by bus from Hamilton and by ferry from the Dockyard (when in service). 3. Find your favourite beach

It goes without saying that Bermuda is known for beaches. Iconic Horseshoe Bay with its pink sand and turquoise waters may be one of the most photographed and visited in the world. But the coast line of Bermuda is made up of hidden coves, rugged cliffs, and plenty of other sandy getaways. I'm not saying don't visit Horseshoe Bay - it's beautiful and definitely worth it. I'm just saying there's much more to explore, like Jobson's Cove, Tobacco Bay Beach, Church Bay, and Elbow Beach. 4. Get in a round of 18

For such a small island, Bermuda is home to more award-winning, world class golf courses than you would expect. Newly opened Five Forts Golf Course in St. George's offers stunning views during your round, including as the name suggests, five forts. Golf Magazine ranks Turtle Hill Golf Course one of the top five par 3 courses in the world. Other courses include Mid Ocean Club, Port Royal Golf Course, Tucker's Point Golf Club, Ocean View Golf Course, and Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Course. 5. Follow the Bermuda Railway Trail

With the railway no longer in use in Bermuda, the existing tracks were turned into a trail for cyclists and pedestrians in 1984. Now, 18 miles of the trail are accessible, spanning the entirety of Bermuda. This scenic trail is an excellent way to explore the island. If you are cycling, there are some barriers to keep vehicles off the trail, so you may need to lift your bikes in some areas, and there are some rough and rocky patches to be aware of. Done exploring? Be sure to try some local Bermudan cuisine like their iconic fish sandwich on raisin bread or a cocktail like a rum swizzle or a dark n stormy. Interested in planning your own visit to Bermuda? Get in touch any time - I'm happy to help. I can be reached by email at or by using the form on my website. #bermuda #bermudatriangle #hamilton #visitbermuda #horseshoebay #pinksand #vacation #travel #stgeorges

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