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Get Your Bearings with a Food Tour

If trying local eats and drinks are a priority for you when traveling, here's a great tip! When you first arrive in a new place, consider taking a food tour as one of your first activities. Here's why: The guides are generally local, so not only will they bring you to a variety of places where you can sample various dishes, they're also a great resource to recommend other dishes you might want to come back and try later or other restaurants you might like. If you've switched time zones and are now forcing yourself to stay awake, food tours are a great way to let someone else show you around a bit and get some eats in at the same time. Sometimes it's nice to not have to make decisions when you've already been awake for a full day. Generally during the walk or drive between stops, your guide will point out interesting places and share some history or information about the city.

Some food tours may also provide you with discounts or promos you can use if you return to any of the places you visited on the tour or even to other local businesses.

Food tours are also a great, low risk way to try food outside your comfort zone or from cuisine types you've never experienced before without committing to a full portion. Love meeting other people when you travel? Unless you've booked a private option, you'll have a chance to meet some other travelers during your tour.

Need help adding a food tour to your next adventure? Get in touch anytime! You can reach me at or using the form on my website.

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