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Making the Most of a Visit to Amsterdam

With its rich history, artistic legacy, intricate canal system, and abundance of museums, you will not be bored on a visit to Amsterdam. To help you with a general itinerary, here's some activities you might want to try while you're there.

1. Take a historical canal cruise Originally the canals in Amsterdam were dug for defense and water management, but now their purpose is more transport-related (millions of passengers tour the canals each year). During your cruise, you'll get to see the lovely architecture along the UNESCO protected canal system and learn about the history of the city. Cruise options also include dining, family friendly, and hop-on hop-off varieties.

2. Take a walk through the wildflowers The Netherlands takes great pride in its flower bulbs, especially tulips. Consider a visit to the flower market (Bloemenmarkt) where you can purchase bulbs to bring home (be sure to check your country's rules on what you can bring home). Or consider heading to nearby Lisse to visit Keukenhof, one of the world's largest flower gardens. There's even a tulip museum if that interests you.

3. Visit one of the many spectacular art or history museums For museum and art lovers, Amsterdam is an excellent city to visit. From the Rijksmuseum to the Van Gogh Museum to the National Maritime Museum - there's something for everyone. Be sure to visit Anne Frank House, where you can see the secret annex where Anne hid during World War II.

4. Search for windmills When you think of the Netherlands, it's likely that windmills come to mind. Within Amsterdam, only De Otter windmill remains - but in nearby Zaanse Schans, there's a cluster of windmills you can visit. If you enjoy a beer break, De Gooyer windmill is located next to a brewery.

5. Go biking

When you arrive in Amsterdam, it will become immediately obvious that it's a great city for cyclists. The city boasts more than 500km of dedicated bike lanes and the country is said to have more bikes than people. Bike rentals are common and bicycle tours are very popular.

If Amsterdam is on your must-see list, please feel free to get in touch anytime (by email to or by using this form) - I'm happy to help!

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