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Four Great Cities for Plant-based Travelers

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

If you follow a plant-based diet and are tired of your only restaurant options being salad, fruit, and whatever emergency snack you've got stashed in your bag when you travel, consider a visit to these cities. The multitude of options available to you will make it hard to decide where to eat (and hard to stop eating too!)

London - At last search, HappyCow was listing more than 150 vegan restaurants in the city. From market stalls to bakeries to smoothie bars, you won't go hungry in this city. Even many restaurants that aren't fully plant-based have vegan options. When I last visited in 2019, I didn't have a problem finding something delicious for any meal, without having to spend a lot of time Yelping. Personal fave: Rudy's Vegan Diner I've heard great things about: Amrutha Lounge

New York City - In a city like NYC, you'd expect to be able to find a restaurant that accommodates any food preferences and you'd be right. Veggie burgers, tapas, comfort food, pastries... the list is endless, with more options popping up often. I've even visited an all vegan pop-up market here. Personal fave: Sadly, my personal fave Cinnamon Snail closed due to Covid, but I'll find a new one next time I visit I've heard great things about: Dirt Candy

Berlin - It's long been known as a vegan-friendly city and many restaurants that aren't specifically plant-based still have options. Raw cakes, kabobs, gourmet, sushi - you'll find options here. Sadly, during my brief visit to Berlin I did not get to try many options and I don't have a personal recommendation here. I've heard great things about: Ataya Caffe

Los Angeles - You always hear about the California lifestyle being full of healthy eats, amazing weather, and fun activities - so it shouldn't come as a surprise that LA ranks among the most vegan and plant-based friendly cities in the world. From upscale to global cuisine to baked goods - LA has you covered. Personal fave: Erin McKenna's Bakery LA I've heard great things about: Little Pine

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