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Your Guide to Cocktails of the Caribbean

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

There's something about a cocktail on vacation - it just tastes better somehow. Maybe it's just that you have the time to relax and savor it. Maybe it's because you didn't have to make it yourself.

When visiting the Caribbean, be sure to try some of these delicious options the islands are famous for. Mojito (Cuba) Painkiller (BVI) Rum Swizzle (Bermuda) Pina Colada (Puerto Rico) Blue Curaçao (Curaçao)

Dark and Stormy (Bermuda) Daiquiri (Cuba) Planter's Punch (Jamaica) Cuba Libre (Cuba) Bahama Mama (Bahamas) Goombay Smash (Bahamas) What's your favourite? How many have you tried?

Looking to head to the Caribbean to try these in person. Contact me using my online form or by email at #thosewhowandertravelservice #caribbeancocktails

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