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Adults-Only Cruising with Virgin Voyages

The aft of Virgin Voyages ship Valiant Lady, docked in the Caribbean

Earlier this month, I returned from my first adults-only sailing with Virgin Voyages, on the stunning ship Valiant Lady, and it will not be my last. Read on to learn more about sailing with Virgin Voyages. Virgin Voyages offers a distinctive experience for travelers seeking a modern, adult-oriented cruise adventure. Unlike traditional many cruise lines, Virgin Voyages stands out with its commitment to a more contemporary, relaxed vibe, catering to a wide variety of cruisers. Virgin Voyages has a very 'come as you are' approach, a refreshing change for those who don't care for cruise line dress codes. We never felt rushed or crowded, there was no waiting in lines, and embarkation and disembarkation felt like a small ship experience on a larger sized ship.

One key reason to choose Virgin Voyages is its approach to all-inclusive pricing. Fares typically include dining at over 20 unique eateries, Wi-Fi, group fitness classes, and gratuities, which sets it apart from other lines where these costs can add up. Alcoholic drinks are not included, but promos often offer some amount of complimentary bar tab. Personally, I don't enjoy being disconnected when I cruise, so having fast Wi-Fi was a perk I was happy to not have to pay for - Virgin considers Wi-Fi a basic human right. Having so many dining options include in the fare - from themed restaurants to room service to take-away - was a welcome change. An amazing coffee shop at sea - they have that too!

The ships in Virgin Voyages' fleet - Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, and Resilient Lady - are well laid out and beautiful. They feature sleek, boutique-hotel style interiors with a focus on sustainability. The cabins are thoughtfully designed for comfort and style, with a unique 'sea bed' feature that converts seating areas into sleeping spaces. Sea terraces - a balcony on Virgin Voyages - include hammocks, great for relaxing and enjoying the view. There were plenty of places to relax, hang out and enjoy entertainment, get some sun, or hide in the shade.

Entertainment on board is another highlight. Virgin Voyages offers groundbreaking shows and parties, curated by leading names in entertainment. The line distinguishes itself with its bold approach to nightlife and entertainment, moving away from traditional cruise shows to more immersive and interactive experiences. Scarlet Night is a fun party that moves throughout the entire ship, ending at the pool.

Virgin Voyages emphasizes wellness and fitness, with top-class gym facilities, yoga and meditation classes, and even a running track on the ship's deck. The wellness focus extends to their food offerings as well, with plenty of healthy, plant-based options.

Virgin Voyages offers a fresh take on cruising, combining luxury, inclusivity, and a distinctly modern sensibility. It's a perfect choice for travelers looking for a cruise experience that breaks the mold, offering more than just a journey, but a truly unforgettable adventure. Interested in learning more? Reach out anytime for more information or use my Virgin Voyages portal here to view cruise options.

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