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Is Alaska on Your Bucket List?

If you've been dreaming of an Alaskan cruise, it's time to make your dream come true. Alaska is without question one of the most stunningly beautiful places I've ever visited and it's certainly one I'll return to. Glaciers, mountains, and so much wildlife - what more could you want? But we also found great food, amazing people, and charming ports to visit.

There's so many great reasons to consider an Alaskan cruise and here's just a handful.

  1. Big ship, small ship, medium ship - there's so many options when it comes to cruising in Alaska. So if you love the resort-like atmosphere of the larger ships or the ability to get up close and personal with the destination on smaller expedition ships - there's options for you.

  2. Lions, tiger, and bears - oh my! Ok, well, you're likely not going to see a lion or tiger... but bears - there's chances to see bears. And whales. And eagles. And seals. Wildlife is one of the primary reasons people take Alaskan cruises. The season runs May to September and what you may see will vary based on when you are traveling. We were lucky enough to see whales and seals right from our ship!

  3. Glaciers! Have you seen a glacier in person before? Or hiked on one? Seen one from above? In Alaska, you have the opportunity to it all! If you're lucky, you might hear one calving (when a piece of it shears off) - it sounds like thunder!

  4. Some of the cruise lines own or operate amazing properties in Alaska, so you can add a land portion to your trip before or after the cruise. Take a scenic rail voyage, stay in their lodge, enjoy extra time in this amazing wilderness. You don't want to leave Alaska without visiting Denali.

  5. Dog sledding? Helicopter? We've all seen the pictures of the beautiful huskies pulling sleds and in Alaska you can try it for yourself. Don't care about the sleds and just love the dogs, some cruise lines even bring huskie puppies on to the ship to meet you!

Alaska is really a place where there is so much to do for the whole family. Love hiking, whale watching, craft beer, trains? Opportunities for all of it are there waiting for you. If Alaska is on your bucket list, let's talk. I can help you find the perfect options for your amazing Alaskan adventure. You can reach me by email at or by using the form on my website.

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